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I was talking to a guy for three weeks then we started dating for three weeks. But these three weeks was too intense and he was so passionate. We even went to a 2 days trip together and he seemed so interested. Suddenly out of nowhere, he texted me that he is too busy with work and uni and he is not in a good head stand and he cannot do this. Also, he said I would love to be friend with you because I was really enjoying. Two weeks later we bumped into each other at uni. He was friendly and said sorry thousand times that he disappeared. We talked a little bit and said goodbye. he texted me again that he is sorry for what he did and likes to have a coffee with me but he understands if I'm angry with him and I don't want to. I texted him that we can do it some time. But I didn't hear from him for 10 days. I texted him if he is around uni and he wants to get coffee. He replied quickly and we ended up meeting each other for 30 mints over coffee. we just talked about uni and work but he asked if I wanna see him on Friday.We didn't end up meeting on Friday because he said later on that he can't. but he kept texting me and talking to me but not about the relationship or anything serious. We were texting today and he kept talking similar to the first days we were texting. I don't know if this is ok! I don't want to disrespect myself. I don't know what he

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